We had a wonderful 25th Anniversary celebration in Brainerd for the Audi Club North America hosted by the Glacier Lakes Chapter.  The days were exceptional and unseasonably cold, but all had a great time.  54 drivers from all over the country were instructed in the skills of performance driving by over 35 Audi Club driving instructors.  Uwe Fricker (Audi Driving Experience) joined us to assist in our driving instruction and give all of our instructors some extra tips.  We were also honored to have Johan de Nysschen (President of Audi of America) join us at the track and speak at the banquet.  Marilyn Beddor and Steve Beddor were honorary guests.  Go to for some pics and videos.

More to be posted in the coming weeks.

A very special THANK YOU to all of our instructors for their time in helping each student driver reach their objectives and potential throughout the weekend.

In addition, we’d like to thank the following individuals from the Club for making the event such a success:

Kent Anderson (Director, ACNA and GLQC) – overall event coordinator

Mark Gottwalt (Vice President, GLQC) – overall event support

Karen Chadwick (Executive Director, ACNA) – event coordinator, national and international  liaison

Marianne Goren – non-driving event coordinator and registrar

Bill Tippie and Steve Nelson – driving school chairs

Jon Hansen, Bruce Bonine, and Joe Stifter – Carousel Audi and Maplewood Audi

Barb Weernink (Secretary, GLQC) and Chan Sam (Membership Committee Chair, GLQC) – marketing and silent auction

Peter Puffer (Director, GLQC) – classroom instructor

Keith Anderson (Director, GLQC) – lead instructor

Louis Zachary (President, GLQC) – overall leadership and instructor support

Tom Mahoney – caravan and fall drive coordinator

Jim Hidding - sponsorship support

Jeff Millikin (Red Fly Motorsports) – videography

Dean Esmail – photography