Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts we regret to inform you that Randy Pobst, will not be attending Audi Club Glacier Lakes’ Quattroberfest 2017 at (BIR). We are very pleased to announce Ross Bentley will be joining us instead!  When we spoke with Ross he was coaching in the Czech Republic! Ross's schedule is tight and he was looking for some down time the weekend of Quattroberfest but he is passionate about performance driving.

What drives me? What am I passionate about? Helping others perform better. Whether you’re an elite-level professional race driver, a car club DE or track-day driver, a club racer, motorcycle racer, drifter, rally driver, road racer, oval racer, or you come from any walk of life, I love to help.” - Ross Bentley

There is not enough space to describe Ross' career accomplishments and talent. If you are serious about performance driving and want a weekly dose of driving wisdom, sign up for Ross’ weekly Speed Secrets Podcast or buy one of his many publications including the Speed Secrets series.

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