New this year, ACGL introduced the "Member of the Year Award," a uniquely designed traveling trophy awarded to the member who has participated in the most events this year.

The trophy, put together by board Vice President Mark Pladson, was awarded to Ioannis Nompelis at the Member Appreciation Social on December 7.

Thank you, Ioannis, for your unparalleled attendance at our events this year (we had 21 different activities this year), your volunteerism and leadership, especially in codifying and streamlining our teen clinic and HPDE exercises!

Since he was not able to attend the social, Ioannis prepared a few words to be shared in his absence:

I am honoured and very happy to have been selected as the first recipient of this award. I apologize for not being there in person to thank you and to share these thoughts in person.

It takes much more than the work of one to make possible what this club has been doing for many years now. And that is, to organize community and social events like the present gathering, but also includes the important task of driver education. I am very pleased to be a member of the club and to have been able to make a small contribution to what others have started many years ago and what others will continue in the years to come.

I accept this award on behalf of all the instructors, volunteers and club
staff. Thank you!