Are you looking to meet other ACGL members and get more involved with your club? We are always looking for volunteers to help shape the future of the club. This month we are highlighting our Membership Committee.

Do you enjoy being social and meeting new people? Or being an advocate for others? This may be the spot for you!  We are looking for a few volunteers that can help with the following:

  1. Advocating for our members by helping ensure that our members' perspective is understood and considered when club level decisions are being made, such as decisions about the types of events we hold, venues, costs, policies, etc.
  2. Creating a strategic plan that will outline how we can grow our membership to achieve specific annual goals.

Please reach out to me directly to talk more about these opportunities or to ask questions – my contact info is below.

I l
ook forward to hearing from you!

Erik Erenz
Vice President | Audi Club Glacier Lakes