Audi Club Glacier Lakes is pleased to announce that Audi Minneapolis and Audi St Paul are offering complimentary Tech Inspections for the High Speed Driving Event (HPDE) being held May 18-19.  Please call the Minneapolis or St Paul Audi Service departments to schedule a tech inspection.  Their technicians will go through the safety checklist to make sure your Audi is ready for the track.   If enhancing performance is on your mind remember club members get a 10% discount on parts.  Both part departments carry good selection of performance parts including Stasis parts which may not void your warranty.    Our goal is to have a fun, safe and trouble free weekend, and we thank our Platinum Sponsors Audi Minneapolis and Audi St Paul for making this generous offer for club members.

In addition to the dealers, the following sponsors will also be providing tech inspections prior to the event with an appointment. Please check with these sponsors for details:

Anderson Motorsport
Further Performance
Metric Auto Works
Stellar Autoworks

Please see our sponsor page for contact info and link to their websites.

Note:  Technical Inspections are required and an important step to your successful fun driving experience.  Your car will experience higher than street use wear on tires, brakes and suspension.  Passing Tech Inspection does not guaranty your car will not have a mechanical problem during the event.  You will need to review wear items during the weekend and take action when appropriate.

Tech Inspection forms can be found here: Please bring with you when you have your car inspected.