Teen Driving Clinics


Do you wonder if regular driver’s education courses are enough to keep your teenager safe on the roads? Do they know how quickly they can stop safely? Or how wet roads or going off-road affect driving dynamics? 

Do you wish your teen had a ‘hands-on’ opportunity to recognize and handle unsafe situations? Here’s your chance to give them that experience in a safe and structured environment!

For over a decade, the Glacier Lakes Chapter of the Audi Club of North American (ACNA) has taught hundreds of teens to become better, safer drivers. Our one day program consists of three classroom sessions and nine behind the wheel driving exercises with a personal, dedicated instructor. Our volunteers are highly trained driving instructors who teach teen drivers how to handle a car in various driving conditions and situations, and will provide encouragement and praise along the way. From slalom and skid pad exercises to braking and accident avoidance, we will teach your teen in one day what they were not able to learn in all of their Driver’s Education classes.

The exercises are both fun and tough. For example, imagine the challenge of blasting down the course and then braking hard enough, and at the right time, to stop in a space no larger than the average garage. Or, imagine driving through the slalom course, weaving through cones feeling the car swaying as the weight shifts side to side.

Perhaps the most challenging and the most fun is the accident avoidance exercise where the driver has to do what is totally the opposite of what they might expect — stop in front of a green light — but not before changing lanes and braking. The instructors running this exercise can be truly diabolical in their efforts to trick your teen into stopping in the wrong lane. It is debatable about who has the most fun, the instructors or the drivers. Either way, the outcome is a powerful lesson in how to react to the unexpected.

On the way home from a clinic, attendee told her mother that if her friend, who was in a fatal accident recently, would be alive today had she attended the clinic. While this is a very dramatic assessment of the value of the clinic, it makes the point that teen drivers do not get the same type of coaching and experience from commercial driver education schools. Commercial driving schools teach the rules of the road and get a student used to driving a car. Once teens get the basics from the commercial schools, they need to attend our Teen Driving Clinic to experience the nuances of keeping a car under control, even when the unexpected happens.

Our Objectives

  • To improve overall awareness of driving position and its effect on ability to control a vehicle
  • To educate on the physics that affect car handling, and how to use the physics to advantage
  • To significantly improve participants’ ability to control a vehicle in all weather conditions, both in normal driving and in emergency situations

Our Format

  • Multiple classroom sessions alternating with various exercises on the track
  • In car instruction and critique while participating in the exercises

Our Theory Topics

  • Driving Basics
    • Driving Position & Attitude
    • Use of Controls and Mirrors
    • The Importance of Vision
    • The Traction Circle – Impact of Road Conditions and Tires
    • Car Dynamics – Weight Transfer and its Effect on Handling
  • Cornering Theory
    • Corner Geometry – Turn In, Apex and Turn Exit
    • The Six Zones of a Corner
    • Impact of Road Conditions
    • Under-steer & Over-steer
    • Impact of Vehicle Drive System – FWD, AWD and RWD
      Importance of Being Smooth
  • Braking
    • Emergency Braking
    • Braking distance vs. speed / surface conditions
    • Using ABS to Maximum Benefit
  • Driving on the Road
    • Courtesy
    • Following Distance
    • The Right Lane
    • Distractions
    • Proactive Driving vs. Reactive Driving
    • Merging Techniques
    • Off Road Excursions – How to Deal With Them Safely
    • Modifying Your Driving to Deal With Driving Conditions

Our Driving Exercises

  • Braking, both dry and wet
  • Slalom – Weight Transfer
  • Accident Avoidance – Quick Left or Right Lane Change
  • Cornering – Left and Right
  • Forced Over-steer on wet skid pad
  • Forced Under-steer on wet skid pad
  • Quick Lane Change and Emergency Braking on wet skid pad
  • Forced Off Road Excursion
  • Final Test - Combination of Exercises above

Cost, Time, Location

The cost is $149 per student for this one day course. Clinics begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. and conclude by 4:30 p.m. Breakfast, lunch and beverages are provided for all attendees including parents of students. Clinics are held at Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) in Rosemount, MN.

Participant Requirements

  • Drivers must be between 15 and 19 years of age
  • Drivers must bring their valid driver’s license or permit
  • At least one parent must accompany any driver under 18
  • Teen and parent/guardian forms must be completed and signed before proceeding to the driving course.
  • Teen students are not required to be members of ACNA for this event.
  • Drivers must wear a minimum approved helmet or better at all times while on the course. ACGL will provide a helmet to use for the day as part of the registration fee.
  • Cleated shoes, heavy boots and sandals are not permitted. Pants and shirts of 100% cotton – no poly blends.

Parents are encouraged to register as helpers for the event and will be asked to assist with resetting the driving cones into position as needed. (Please dress accordingly.)

Note: Adults may be eligible to register as a student based upon class size and instructor availability. If you are interested in participating as a student, please inquire at events@audiclubglacierlakes.org. Participants age 20+ must also be Audi Club North America (ACNA) Members. To join or renew, visit the ACNA website at https://audiclubna.org/join/

Vehicle Requirements

  • Participants must provide their own vehicle, which must be in good running order and pass a technical inspection, including tires, brakes, fluids, lights, and other essentials.
  • Vehicles must have state-mandated insurance coverage limits in effect.
  • Car must be empty of all loose objects in trunk, glove and passenger compartments.
  • All street legal vehicles are permitted at these car control clinics; however, the event master has discretion to disallow any vehicles deemed unsafe from participating.

Schedule and Registration

To view our upcoming Teen Driving Clinic dates, please see our Events Schedule.

Each posted event includes a link to the registration site, Motorsportreg.com. You will need to create an account on this site if you don’t already have one. Please create the account under the student’s name, or add them to the account by clicking “add another person” on the My Account page.

Looking for more information?

Teen Driving Clinic Brochure 
What to expect when you attend a Car Control Clinic 
Contact us at events@audiclubglacierlakes.org 

Our Teen Driving Clinic was featured on Minnesota Public Radio. The program and an interactive setup can be found on the MPR website at: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2007/04/10/teendrivers/

No teen drivers in your household?

Share this page with a relative or friend whose teen may benefit from our program. Teen students are not required to be members of ACNA for this event.


Dakota County Technical College

1300 145th Street E.(Co.Rd.42)
Rosemount, MN 55068-2999

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